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  • Released: Sunday 16, Aug 2015
  • Version: 3.2
  • Grade: 11
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Pre-Calculus Part B covers the major units of Introductory Trigonometry and Graphs, Trigonometric Equations and Identities, Analytical Trigonometry, Sequences and Series, Conic Sections and an Introduction to Calculus. A focus is also on graphing functions by hand and understanding and identifying the parts of a graph.

Course ID: MA.11.Pre-CalculusB_3.2.bnet4copy

Graphs of trigonometric functions model various real-world phenomena.


Many situations that involve right triangles can be solved using trigonometric ratio and the Unit Circle is a tool that can help solve solve those problems.


Numeric patterns can be modeled with explicit or recursive functions.


Sums of numbers can be found using a variety of formulas.


The similarities and differences between the equations of conic sections as well as their practical real-world uses.


Limit and continuity is essential to the study of calculus.